Arrow Dripper

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Arrow Dripper

Designed with labyrinth flow passage and filter window, this arrow dripper can block the sundries effectively so as to give even water flow. With straight and bending types of arrows, this product can be combined with one arrow, two arrows one drop, four arrows one drop, eight arrows one drop, etc. Moreover, our product is very suitable for irrigation on potted plants, such as flower, bell pepper and tomato, etc.

Technical Parameters
Arrow Dripper TypeStraight and Bending
Flow Rate/Arrow Dripper1L/h
Combination TypeSingle arrow, one drop of two arrows, one drop of four arrows and one drop of eight arrows
Applicable Working Pressure0.8-1.5Bar
Pipe Length of Φ5mm Arrow Dripper50cm or Customized

Our company is a specialized arrow dripper manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as drip emitter, micro spray tape, irrigation sprinkler gun, and PE pipe.

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