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Drip Emitter

This drip emitter is supplied with three types, the 1822 type, 1823 type and 1826 type. Designed with internal labyrinth flow passage, our product can drip the water precisely and evenly onto the crops' root segment. Through puncher, it can be installed with PE tube or arrow. Due to the inner elastic membrane, it is detachable so that the product is convenient for use. Under the working pressure ranging from 0.8 to 2.0bar, this product allows at least 4L water to flow per hour and at most 60L. Therefore, it is suitable for all kinds of plants, like corn, strawberry, sugarcane, beet, grape, hot pepper, tomato and potato, etc.

Technical Parameters
ModelFlow RateApplicable Working Pressure
1822 4L/h, 6L/h, 8L/h, 10L/h, 15L/h, 20L/h, 30L/h, 40L/h, 50L/h, 60L/h 0.8-2.0Bar
1823 2L/h, 4L/h, 8L/h 0.8-2.0Bar
1826 4L/h, 8L/h 0.8-2.0Bar

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