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Micro Spray Tape

Our micro spray tape adopts advanced laser perforation technology to make precise round holes and it is mainly used for micro spraying or drip irrigation under plastic film. Moreover, this product sprays evenly and is not harmful for plants. It is very suitable for vegetables and flowers. Made with excellent material, our product conforms to the demands on abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and pressure bearing property.

Technical Parameters
No.ModelDiameter (mm)Fold Diameter(mm)Sprinkling Radius (meter)Working Pressure (bar)Wall Thickness (mm)
1HWN200220321.5-2.50.4-0.5 0.2
2HWN250225402.5-4.00.5-0.8 0.2
3HWN250325402.5-4.50.5-0.8 0.3
4HWN280228451.5-2.00.5-0.8 0.2
5HWN280328451.5-3.00.5-0.8 0.3
6HWN320232501.5-2.50.5-0.8 0.2
7HWN320332501.5-3.00.5-0.8 0.3
8HWN400240631.5-2.50.5-1.0 0.2
9HWN400340632.5-4.00.5-1.0 0.3
10HWN403540632.5-5.00.5-1.0 0.35
11HWN503550805.5-8.00.5-1.0 0.35
12HWZ500450805.5-8.50.5-1.0 0.4
13HWZ6304631006.5-9.00.5-1.0 0.4
14HWZ6305631006.5-9.50.5-1.0 0.5
15HWZ6308631006.5-10.00.5-1.0 0.6
16HWZ7506751207.0-10.50.5-1.0 0.6

1. The number in the model means the diameter of the product filling with water.
2. The specification in the table is in common use. If clients give a large order, the product can be customized on wall thickness, hole patterns and length of each roll, as well the diameter of the hole can be selected from 0.4mm to 0.8mm.

As a China-based micro spray tape manufacturer and supplier, we at Shanghai Huawei also offer mini sprinkler, impact sprinkler, drip emitter, filter, and PE pipe, among others.

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