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The irrigation sprinkler gun is mainly used for irrigating farmland of large area. It adopts large angle of elevation and the angle can be adjusted so that the product can be controlled on the sprinkling area timely. In compact design, our product performs stably with strong strength. Due to the cover made of aluminum alloy, the product is light but durable. Moreover, the inlet female threads it adopts vary three sizes, 1.5 inches, 2 inches, and 2.5 inches. As for the sprinkling radius, this product can irrigate at least 22 to 28m and at most 32m, even 46m.

Technical Specifications
ModelDescription PhotosSpecificationUnit
9015Gun SprinklerInlet:1.5"Female threadspiece
Flow Rate:7.0-11.0m3/h
9020Gun SprinklerInlet:2"Female threadspiece
Flow Rate:18.0-19.0m3/h
9025Gun SprinklerInlet:2.5"Female threadspiece
Flow Rate:25.0-30.0m3/h
10244Gun SprinklerInlet:1.5"Female threadspiece
Flow Rate:4.72-13.4m3/h

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