PE Pipe

PE Pipe

Made with mature processing workmanship, this PE pipe has the advantages of good toughness, excellent resistance against abrasion, corrosion, high temperature and aging, as well as smooth surface. Moreover, this patent product is equipped with a taper locking hoop made of POM material, a tiered annular gasket and a rubber sealing ring. Due to the reasonable and scientific design, it features strong fastness and good tightness. Furthermore, the product is convenient for connection and disassembly. Apart from connected with PE pipeline, our product is applicable for connecting with U-PVC, steel pipe and so on.

Technical Parameters
ModelOutside Diameter (mm)Working Pressure (Mpa) Wall Thickness (mm) Length/Roll (m) Roll Size (cm) G.W/Roll (kg)
EVA1213 12 0.8 1.2 1000Φ105×41 47
PE1210 12 0.6 1.0 1000Φ105×41 36
PE1610 16 0.6 1.0±0.2 1000Φ105×41 48
PE2016 20 0.4 1.8±0.4 500Φ90×40 48
PE2518 25 0.4 2.0±0.4 400Φ110×40 54
PE3220 32 0.4 2.5±0.4 250Φ110×40 48
PE4025 40 0.4 2.8±0.5 300Φ170×50 90
PE5030 50 0.4 3.5±0.6 200Φ180×35 90
PE6339 63 0.4 4.2±0.6 150Φ188×45 110

The PE pipe is supplied with various specifications and it can be classified with varied connection types, the direct type, reducing direct type, tee type, reducing tee type, 90° elbow type, screwed fitting type, end cap type, etc. As for the outer diameter of the product, it ranges from 12 to 63mm. If the order of customers is large, customized diameters and thickness are available. In addition, the average service life of our product is as long as 30 years if it is not exposed in the open air.

As a professional PE pipe manufacturer and supplier in China, Shanghai Huawei offers a broad range of products, including saddle clamp, mini valve, impact sprinkler, arrow dripper, and more.

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