Venturi Fertilization Device

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Venturi Fertilization Device

The venturi fertilization device is connected to the water supply pipe valve in parallel in the micro irrigation system or at the entrance of the irrigation area. While using, the valve is turned down to generate certain differential pressure at the front and rear of the valve. When the water passes the branch pipe installed with our product, it will generate the vacuum suction force to inhale the fertilizer liquid uniformly from the open fertilizer bucket for fertilization.

Apart from low cost, this venturi fertilization device performs with stable fertilization concentration without any external motion and it is convenient for use. Moreover, it is suitable for not large area irrigation and in the micro irrigation system of perforated pipes with thin wall under low pressure. Classified into adjustable type and common type, this product can be supplied in size of 1 inch, 1.5 inches and 2 inches. As its maximum inhalation volume of fertilizer is 170L per hour, our product is adequate to fulfill different using demands.

Technical Specifications
Working Pressure (m)4~40The pressure of the water inlet on the product
Flow Rate (m3/h)0.7~7.0The total flow rate of the product with parallel connected tubes
Inhalation Volume of Fertilizer Liquid(L/h)0~170Relate to the differential pressure of front and rear part of the product
Flow Rate of Venturi Tube (m3/h)0.7~1.5The flow rate of the product in series connection pipeline

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