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Fertilizer Tank

Newly developed with metal and plastic types, the fertilizer tank features automatic flow rate adjustment, high resistance against pressure and corrosion. Moreover, it is light and easy for cleaning. Our product is suitable for micro irrigation, drip irrigation, infiltrating irrigation and other micro irrigation projects. As for large sprinkling irrigation and fertilization, this product is only used for sprinkling foliar fertilizer. Actually, it is mainly applied on irrigation and fertilization in the field, orchard and vegetable greenhouse, etc.

With simple operation, our tank fertilizes uniformly onto the root segment of the crops through the irrigation tube net so that it improves the effect of fertilizer and reduces the waste rate. In addition, this product saves time and labor, as well as certain volume of fertilizer. Not only it allows centralized management, but also it supports scattering fertilization.

Technical Specifications
Model Description Photos Unit Packing G.W
8215 Material: Plastic
Size: 15L
Accessories: Valve and flexible hose
set carton 1.4
8216 Material: Plastic
Size: 25L
Accessories: Valve and flexible hose
set carton 1.9
8217 Material: Metal
Size: 30L
Accessories: Flexible hose
set naked 24
8218 Material: Metal
Size: 100L Accessories: Flexible hose
set naked 58
8219 Material: Metal
Size: 150L Accessories: Flexible hose
set naked 62.5
8220 Material: Metal
Size: 250L Accessories: Flexible hose
set naked 70

Shanghai Huawei is a specialized fertilizer tank manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including fertilizer injector, mini valve, arrow dripper, mini sprinkler, and more.

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