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Fertilizer Injector

Technical Specifications
1D25RE20.2%~2%, 10L/h~2.5m3/hset
2Dl160.2%~1.6%, 10L/h~2.5m3/hset
3D25RE51%~5%, 10L/h~2.5m3/hset
4D3GL5 1%~5%, 10L/h~3.0m3/hset
5D25RE103%~10%, 10L/h~2.0m3/hset
6D3GL10 1%~10%, 10L/h~3.0m3/hset
7D3RE25 5%~25%, 10L/h~3.0m3/hset
8D45RE150.2%~1.5%, 100L/h~4.5m3/hset
9D8R0.2%~2%, 400L/h~8m3/hset
10Dl16 PVDF0.2%~1.6%, 10L/h~2.5m3/hset
11D25RE2 PVDF0.2%~2%, 10L/h~2.5m3/hset
1SD15-2.5 0.2%~2.5%, 9L/h~3.4m3/hset
2SD30-2.5 0.2%~2.5%, 34L/h~6.8m3/hset
3SD45-2.5 0.2%~2.5%, 113L/h~10m3/hset
Israel TEFEN
125020.2%~2%, 10L/h~2.5m3/hset
225040.4%~4%, 10L/h~2.5m3/hset

Used for pipeline system, this fertilizer injector is driven by the water with pressure and it will inhale certain volume of fertilizer liquid in proportion to be mixed with water. The advantage of the product is to be driven by water flow but not electricity. It can add and mix the fertilizer in precise proportion automatically without being influenced by the fluctuation of water pressure and flow rate in the same pipeline. With flexible adjustment on proportion of adding fertilizer, our product keeps the added fertilizer liquid proportional to the water to be fixed with so that it realizes direct mixing and adding fertilizer in proportion.

As the pump shell is made of strong corrosion resistant material, the fertilizer injector is durable and ultraviolet resistant. Moreover, the product made of customized materials can be supplied. As our company manufactures it in strict accordance with ISO9001-2000 standard, our product is guaranteed on quality. Due to the perfect design, it is convenient for installation and maintenance so that this product is deeply welcomed by customers.

Typical Applications
1.The fertilizer injector is used for irrigation with fertilizer water. According to the ratio of volume, it can mix the fertilizer and water automatically for irrigation without power.
2. It can water the flowers automatically with fertilizer water without power supply.
3. For livestock cultivation, this product realizes drug feeding treatment by mixing the drinking water and drug in proportion automatically.
4. It is also applied in environmental protecting and water treatment through automatic adding, diluting and mixing medicine in proportion under the drive of water.
5. In addition, this product is suitable for industrial hygiene, hospital hygiene, car washing, food processing, print industry and other industries.

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