Mini Valve

Mini Valve

Made of PP material with advanced processing workmanship, the mini valve features precise size and small tolerances, etc. Designed specially for pipelines used for irrigation, our product is an important part in the irrigation pipeline system to control the direction, pressure and flow rate of water. Moreover, it can be supplied with multiple types, like the bypass type, threads type, coupling type and reducing coupling type, etc. The product is suitable for mounting drip tape, pipe and other pipelines on irrigation.

According to the using environment of different regions, our mini valve can be made of various materials. Furthermore, the product adapting to tropics is good at resisting ultraviolet radiation and the type suitable for using in frigid areas has the property of frost cracking resistance.

Technical Specifications
Model Description Photos Diameter (mm) Unit Carton
HV03 Bypass Valve (To install drip tape) Φ8-Φ16 piece 45*38*34 480 18.5
HV04 Threads Valve (To install drip tape) 1/2"-Φ16 piece 45*38*34 450 17.0
HV12 Bypass Valve (To install drip tape) Φ8-Φ16 piece 45*38*34 600 21.5
HV21 Coupling Valve (To install pipe) Φ16-Φ16 piece 45*38*34 1000 13.4
HV11 Bypass Valve (To install pipe) Φ8-Φ16 piece 45*38*34 1200 16.4
HV13 Threads Valve (To install pipe) 1/2"-Φ16 piece 47*35*32 500 15.4
5922 Reducing Coupling Valve (To install pipe) Φ16-Φ12 piece 45*38*34 1000 29.4
5923 Threads Valve (To install pipe) 1/2"-Φ12 piece 45*38*34 600 8.6
HV22 Threads Valve (To install pipe) 1/2"-Φ20 piece 45*38*34 600 8.6
HV23 Threads Valve (To install pipe) 3/4"-Φ25 piece 45*38*34 100 19.6

As a professional mini valve manufacturer and supplier in China, our company provides a broad range of products that includes air valve, compression fittings, impact sprinkler, Venturi fertilization device, and much more.

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