Application of Atomizing Nozzle

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The atomizing nozzle is widely used in the industry. As the spaying equipment, it performs outstandingly on desulphurization, dust abatement and cooling spaying. The applicable fields are as follows:

1. In thermal plant, this atomizing nozzle is used for flue gas desulfurization, dust removing, air and cistern cooling, cooling spraying the cistern, gas scrubbing, condenser cleaning, fire extinguishment, equipment scale removing and sewage treatment, etc.
2. In the chemical industry, it is mainly used for fire protection and extinguishment, oil tank cooling, deodorization, heat prevention, chemical treatment, air cleaning and cooling, spraying the chemical cistern, water cooling, dust abatement, desulphurization, spraying chemical agent or materials, plating cleaning and spreading various solutions, etc.
3. On pollution control, the product is suitable for wastewater disposal, exhaust gas spreading, dust cleaning, sewer processor cleaning, gas detonation, filtering sand, sewage spreading, foam removing, waste water evaporation and concentration, flue gas scrubbing, road cleaning, artificial fog making, watering plants, etc.
4. In iron and steel industry, it is applicable for showing high pressure waterline, preventing rust on wire stocks, phosphorus removing under high pressure, cooling steel plate and strips steel, steel plate anointment, spraying liquid medicine on steel plate, strips steel anointment before rolling, cooling profiled bar and steel pipe, steel heat treatment and quenching, mandrel lubricating and cooling, oil melting with cooing, steel cleaning in galvanized process, smelting furnace dust removing, extinguishing coke, etc.
5. In the paper making industry, the atomizing nozzle is suited for cleaning various items, such as spraying pipe with brush, round net, blanket, blanket spraying pole, water screen, tank, the inner and outer surface of the slurry storage tank and varied rollers, etc. Also, it is used for humidifying the blanket and paper, peeling dehydration paper, spraying starch, removing foam, spraying remover and adhesive, cooling the calendar roller, cutting edge, etc.
6. In medical industry, the product is used for spreading micro elements during medicine production, cleaning reticulation, injecting medicine, coating pills, spraying liquid medicine, cooling air and cleaning filter, equipment and pharmaceutical barrel, etc.
7. In food industry, it is applicable for steam humidifying, humidifying at adjustable temperature, cooling flue air, sterilization, purging, drying, cleaning delivery container and other items, such as sterilization tank, milk tank, mixing vat, dry powder barrel, etc.
8. In electronic and automobile industries, the product is used for spraying kinescope liquid on semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, cleaning electronic board and vehicles, spraying printing, spraying wax, blast cleaning, filter cleaning and treatment before coating, etc.
9. In machinery industry, it is used for cleaning and anointing components, cleaning before coating, cleaning machinery devices, cooling and cleaning die casting machine, spraying printing and lubricating devices and washing metals after processing.
10. This atomizing nozzle is also accepted in other industries, such as humidifying tobacco, humidifying air conditions, environmental field, power station, etching process, cleaning printed circuit board, cleaning and spraying printing furniture, cleaning machine, automatic coding, cleaning agricultural products and coating, etc.