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At the end of 2004, the administration department of Tianma Golf Villa advertized bid on the automatic spray irrigation project to the society. Due to the excellent design scheme, reasonable engineering quotation and highly praised performance, Shanghai Huawei Water Saving Irrigation Co., Ltd. gained the bid out of six companies.

This project is started in March, 2005. As the Tianma Golf is a superior leisure and sport place, we have to shorten the construction period as much as possible to reduce influence under the premise of quality guaranteed. We use the lake water to be filtered as irrigation water, which is good for plant growth and avoids wasting water of emergency use. Moreover, we choose the famous brand of hundred years in the would, American Nelson, as our key devices, such as 6000 underground sprinkler, 8716 program controller, 9520BCelectromagnetic valve, 8501rain sensor and 8819 brass automatic drain valve, etc. With years of successful experience and harmonious cooperation of all departments, we finished the automatic spray irrigation project occupying an area of about 90000m² within one month.